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Hurrah for cross-country skiing

Cross-country trails in Vitkovice

There is 1.5 km cross-country ski trail starting at the top of ski lift Aldrov. Another ski trails, which measure about 5 km, are around Roudnice and Krizlice. An integral part of the ski trails is treatment of cross-country skiing Paradise Krkonose. Village Vitkovice contributes to the skiing Paradise by maintaining 3.5 km long ski trek to Rezek which joints on to ski trek to Dvoracky.


Racing and standard ski treks Horni Misecky

Racing and standard ski treks Horni Misecky join on to Krkonose magistery with beginning of the Zlate navrsi trek ( Vrbatova bouda, Mohyla Hance & Vrbaty) followed by mountain treks to Elbe of river Labe, Labska bouda, Snezne Jamy….

All of the marked cross-country treks are looked after by snowplows and suitable for classic as well as skating ski style.